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Rocky Mountain High is OCF’s premier leadership development program for cadets, midshipmen, junior officers and Christian leaders.

RMH focuses on Biblical principles and the character of Jesus Christ as the bedrock example for inspirational and effective leadership. Rocky Mountain High is a unique program designed to impart to future leaders the desire and ability to live out their Christian faith within the military community.

Rocky Mountain High Objectives

  1. To strengthen personal commitment to Jesus Christ.
  2. To exemplify and examine fundamental leadership principles as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.
  3. To impart a clear vision for integrating faith and profession within the military society.
  4. To inspire young cadets, midshipmen, and officers for sacrificial/servant leadership.

Join seasoned Christian mentors–typically experienced senior officers–and a team of your peers on an amazing adventure.  Mentors share their victories, defeats, “lessons learned” and leadership challenges that you will face during fast-paced military careers.  You’ll experience a life-changing journey in some of the most beautiful places in Colorado.

If you are ready to be challenged, inspired, and renewed in your faith, then join us at Spring Canyon!

Spring Canyon as seen from Mount Yale in winter

Rocky Mountain High 19-3

June 15 - June 22

Mentor: Mr. Michael Weeks, Dean and Robert A. Jolley Chair of Business Administration, Citadel and Maj Ryan Cross, USAF (Ret.)

Rocky Mountain High 19-4

June 22 - June 29

Mentor: Col Hous Waring, USAF (Ret.) and 2Lt Kasey Raia, USAF

Rocky Mountain High 19-5

June 29 - July 6

Mentor: Col Max Mitchell, USAF (Ret.)

Rocky Mountain High 19-6

July 6 - July 13

Mentor: Vice Admiral William Dean Lee, USCG (Ret.) and Rob Allen, Clemson ROTC Chaplain

Rocky Mountain High 19-7

July 13 - July 20

Mentor: OCF Executive Director General David Warner, USAF (Ret.) and Capt Dan Abney, USMC

Rocky Mountain High 19-8

July 20 - July 27

Mentor: Lt Col Heath Wharton, USAF (Ret.)

Rocky Mountain High 19-9

July 27 - August 3

Mentor: Maj Tim Tormey, USMC and Maj Anne Jones, USA (Ret.)