Summer Celebration

A series of weeklong retreats featuring outstanding programs for the whole family.

The cornerstone of Spring Canyon programs, Summer Celebration is a series of weeklong retreats featuring outstanding programs for the whole family. Enabling families to leave behind the weight of deployments, separations and relocations, husbands and wives are able to reconnect in a romantic setting through time together, vibrant teaching and small group sessions led by respected speakers. Teens and children have the opportunity to grow in their faith and build lasting friendships through exciting age-appropriate adventures under the guidance of our exceptional teaching staff. Each celebration features a different speaker and theme focusing on relevant spiritual topics, family and faith.

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A Typical Celebration Week

Every Summer Celebration is designed to provide our guests with a refreshing balance of scheduled activities and plenty of free time. During your stay, you can expect:

  • Delicious home-cooked meals served family-style in our historic Hartley Holmes Lodge three times daily.
  • Lodge & cabin accommodations with wood-burning fireplaces & gorgeous mountain views for seven nights.
  • Walking access to the Colorado Trail, scenic Cottonwood Lake, our very own beaver ponds & more.
  • Discount passes to local attractions & a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Exciting, age-appropriate programs for children & teens with Biblically-sound curriculum.
  • Outstanding seasonal & full-time staff members devoted to serving you.
  • Vibrant teaching & small group discussions for adults.


Children’s Program

Our children’s program, Critter Gulch, features wilderness-based educational activities rooted in Biblical truth. We hire incredible young teachers from across the country each summer and strive for a teacher-child ratio of 1:5 at all times. All teachers must be CPR and First Aid certified. Children are grouped by ages (0-2, 3-4, 5-7, 8-12) and activities include arts and crafts, exploring God’s creation, archery, horseback riding, fishing, and indoor rock climbing.


Teen Program

The teen program at Spring Canyon, Teen vs. Wild, is intended for ages 13-18 and features Biblical discussions, exciting group activities, team challenges, and outdoor adventures. The teen program leaders are selected from members of our outdoor programs guide staff and are CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified. Teen activities include team building, wilderness fort creation, high ropes course, overnight camping and more.


Additional Childcare

Additional childcare is available by request during your stay at Spring Canyon. Childcare is provided by our seasonal teaching staff and can be scheduled at our main office in Hartley Holmes Lodge. We kindly ask that all childcare requests be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance for scheduling purposes. Childcare is offered at an additional cost.

2017 Summer Celebration schedule

TOPIC | Classical Conversations Practicum in partnership with Classical Conversations Western Region

Do you long for refreshment and encouragement as you travel along your homeschooling journey?  Would you like to discuss your joys and challenges, and be equipped by others who have been on your same journey for years?  If so, then attend Spring Canyon’s Summer Celebration homeschooling week.  Classical Conversations (CC) is partnering with Spring Canyon Retreat and Conference Center, nestled in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, to better serve and equip homeschooling military families. During this homeschool-focused week, seasoned Classical Conversations speakers and mentors, who have been where you are and lived through your challenges, will enable Parent Practicum material to come alive.  Whether or not you use CC curriculum at home, you will be equipped, enriched, and renewed in your homeschooling journey through the practicum topic of “Reasoning Together: The Art of Relationships.” Using this topic we will learn the classical model of education, and how to capitalize on God’s brilliant design of human development, enabling us to reach our children right where they are developmentally. You will see that all things are connected by One Brilliant Designer.

Bring your family and be refreshed, equipped, and inspired at Summer Celebration! Please register, now, at the link below.  Contact Spring Canyon (719-395-2328; or go to If you have questions pertaining to the practicum or Classical Conversations, please contact Heidi Truitt at

SPEAKER |Andy Truitt

Andy Truitt is the National Director West for Classical Conversations. He has a passion for helping parents “go the distance” in home educating their children. For the past 12 years he and his wife have been classically homeschooling their three boys and believe this is a model to help all parents prepare their children to stand firm in the Lord and enter the world as a light for Christ when they leave the home as adults. With Classical Conversations, Andy oversees the leaders and communities on the western side of the U.S and leads many parent practicums throughout this region. He and his family currently live in the Denver area.


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TOPIC | A Living Sacrifice: Worshipping God Through Serving

This week we will examine the Scriptures to consider “service” as an act of worship- that we as “living sacrifices” offer to God. We will look at the life of Jesus as our example and consider the attributes, attitudes, and actions of a servant.

SPEAKER | Chaplain Walt and Susan Hoskins, LTC, USA (Ret.)

GUEST AMBASSADOR | LTC Ryan and Kim Strong, USA.

More about Chaplain Hoskins

Walt Hoskins CH (LTC) USA Ret.  MDIV Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, ThM Gordon-Connell Theological Seminary.  Married to Susan Davis for 28 years. They also have two crazy puppies, a Schnoodle and a Cockapoo, Mason and Dixie :  His assignments were with various units including the Cavalry, Air Defense Artillery, USASMA, and MCOE.   He served as Lead Pastor at Fort Bliss, Fort Benning and Fort Leavenworth. Deployments include  lsrael, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  He served as the Ethics instructor for the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning and the Garrison Chaplain at Fort Leavenworth.

Walt’s wife, Susan, is a professor of Collaborative Piano at the Schwob Conservatory of Music, Columbus State University, GA. Her degrees are in piano performance from Auburn University and the University of Texas at Austin. Having been a church pianist since she was 12, her roles in church and military chapels has been quite varied, working with all ages and styles of worship.  Her passion is for the people of God to participate in vibrant worship.

The Hoskins have a daughter and son-in-law, Emily and Mike Dabeck, who are currently stationed at Ft. Riley;  a son, Graham, who will graduate in May from Georgia Tech; and a son, Steve, who will graduate from high school in May. Some of their favorite pastimes are camping and boating.

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TOPIC | Christian Military Leadership



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TOPIC | The Way of Hope

SPEAKERS | Dave and Beth Weikel


Dave and Beth Weikel have worked in full-time ministry, business, and public education for over 30 years. God is using their season of loss to provide hope and healing for others.

“An intense period of loss touched our lives in myriad ways: a life-threatening illness, the death of our son serving in Iraq, strained family relationships surrounding this event, elder care and the home-going of three parents in less than a year, a near-fatal car accident of our other son and a few others. What we are learning, because this is not finished yet, is to trust in the faithfulness of our Lord in unseen ways.”

Trained as a disaster relief chaplains, and former career educators with experience in full-time ministry, Dave and Beth have walked through their own intense season of loss. Its heartbreak and upheaval has taught them to cling to what cannot be taken away and has challenged them to wring purpose and meaning from those times of suffering.

“God has afforded us opportunities to proclaim a clear message of hope and redemption through discipleship, partnering with local, national, and international organizations that reach out to desperate populations looking for answers and help.”

Sorrows visit all of us in many forms: job layoffs, doctor reports, divorces, foreclosures, prison sentences, natural disasters, or deaths of loved-ones. But sometimes it is through brokenness that God can reach deepest into a heart.

Beth and Dave Weikel help Participants follow Jesus, leading all who will follow through the way of suffering that God’s Son knows so intimately, and into his very real, here-and-now hope. The workshop includes video teachings and interviews with believers who have endured profound losses, providing those who attend to see how God transforms very real tragedies into deep and abiding hope.

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SPECIAL INFO | CMDA Week is being hosted at Spring Canyon, in cooperation with Officer’s Christian Fellowship.

TOPIC | Family Time with Kirk Weaver

SPEAKER | Kirk Weaver

Kirk Weaver has two children and has been doing Family Time lessons with his family since 1994. In 1999 Kirk founded a new ministry called Family Time Training. The ministry has averaged more than 80 trainings each year to 8,000+ family members. Kirk has written eight books containing Family Time object lessons including: Wiggles, Giggles & Popcorn; Seeing is Believing; Tried & True; Bible Stories for Preschoolers – Old Testament & New Testament.

In 2005 Family Time India was launched in the Indian states of Bihar, Delhi, Uttra Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. N.K. Thomas is the National Director for Family Time India. In 2011, Family Time did special trainings in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Prior to founding Family Time Training, Kirk worked with the development programs at Colorado Christian Home in Denver (10 years) and Epworth Children’s Home in St. Louis (8 years).

Kirk has earned degrees from Wheaton College and the University of Missouri. Between the years 1983 and 1991, Kirk pursued the hobby of mountain climbing and summitted numerous peaks including: Mt. McKinley in Alaska, Aconcagua in Argentina, Mt. Cook in New Zealand, and Chimborazo in Ecuador. He now lives in Littleton, Colorado and devotes his time to the greater challenge of raising his children in the faith.


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TOPIC | Marriage and Family

Authentic Intentional Marriage is the most fulfilling way to experience God’s Design for marriage and are the footings of a solid Christian Home.  Our interactive sessions will cover 6 different points of emphasis:

  • Intentional Understanding of Marriage
  • Intentional Habits
  • Intentional Communication
  • Intentional Love
  • Intentional Parenting
  • Intentional Legacy

Join us for an opportunity to develop new habits that make the investment of time with one another a much richer marriage experience!

SPEAKER | Bill and Pam Mutz


More about Bill and Pam Mutz

Bill was born in Indianapolis, IN. He is married to his best friend and fantastic wife, Pam, who was born in Denver, CO. Bill and Pam are parents of 12 children and now have 18 grandchildren. Bill graduated in 1976 from Indiana University, with a double major in Finance and Marketing. They both speak for FamilyLife Marriage Conferences, and are members of the local First Baptist Church. Bill teaches Sunday School; acts as Co-Chair of the Executive Committee. He was the recipient of the 2010 Southeastern University Servant Leader Award, 2007 Jere Annis Leadership Award; 2007 Clint Wright Living Legacy Award; 2005 Wilbur Dungy All-Pro Dad conferred by Tony Dungy; and 2004 Ford Motor Company Salute to Dealer for Community Service. He is a member of the local Rotary Club and served as Board Chairman of the Lakeland Regional Medical Center; Florida Family Policy Council, as well as on the Boards of the Harrison School of the Arts, Lakeland Christian School, Lakeland Economic Development Council, Salvation Army, Southeastern University, United Way, VISTE, and was in Leadership Lakeland Class 15 and became a subsequent Class Chairman for Class XXII.

There have been few dull moments in the Mutz household where PAMela had the incredible blessing of bearing twelve children; ages 15 to 36 and is now “Zaza” to eighteen sweet Grands! As part of this life assignment, she developed a love for cooking and baking some irresistible desserts. The result? A call for daily exercise: running, swimming, snowboarding, beach walking, or Jillian! This natural bent toward activity coincides with her Physical Education degree from her home state of Colorado. Loving her hubby, Bill, usually comes first as they are best friends. Outside the home, she enjoys teaching and serving in her local church and on various community boards. PAMela is a commissioned Centurion through Prison Fellowship and earned her Masters in Ministerial Leadership. She thrives on encouraging women to develop a personal relationship with God while nurturing their family. This calling sparks an ongoing desire to impact teens in Polk County. She is the founder of an annual one day event called Culture Rock which teaches teens to stand strong in an often crazy world. In her spare time, she pulls out her watercolors and journals about this life adventure. Her uber-flexible attitude means you are welcome to join them any night for dinner and watch the loaves and fish multiply!

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TOPIC | Creation!

SPEAKER | Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

GUEST AMBASSADORS | Jim and Shirley Ellis, PhD, CDR, U.S. Navy Chaplain Corpts (Ret.)

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TOPIC | The Spirit’s Leading in Complex Decisions
Complex decisions. No moral right or wrong. More than one option could equally be good in God’s economy. Stress. Anxiety. What happens if you miss God’s will? How do you discern what is God’s best? What can you expect from God? What does God expect of you? This summer we will explore what God’s Word says about the work of the Holy Spirit in leading us on the journey of complex decision making. You may find this in depth biblical journey taking some surprise turns when compared with popular thinking and teaching.

SPEAKER | Keith Peck

GUEST AMBASSADORS | Colonel Chet and Michelle Arnold, USMC (Ret), OCF Field Staff Representative, Pensacola Region

 Peck photo

Keith Peck has served OCF as a teacher at White Sulphur Springs for the past 30 years. After 40 years of pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America, Keith recently retired as pastor emeritus of Broadneck EP Church in Annapolis, Maryland where he served for 27 years. During that time he ministered to and with the Navigator, Cru and OCF staff at the US Naval Academy. Keith has been married to Gale, his ministry partner, for 43 years. Keith & Gale have five children and fifteen grandchildren.

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TOPIC | “Soul Care” and “Our Relationships with God”

SPEAKERS | Roc Bottomly and Gene Rudd, M.D.

More about Roc Bottomly

Roc Bottomly is the firstborn of five children to a fighter pilot father.  Following a childhood immersed in scouts, athletics and student activities, Roc entered the Air Force Academy. At the Academy, he finished with a B.S. in Astronautical Engineering. As a cadet, Roc trusted Christ through the Navigators’ ministry and worked closely with them as a lay leader in military, collegiate and community ministries throughout his service years. While in the Air Force (1969-1976), he served as both a flight instructor and an intercontinental transport pilot.  In 1976, Roc left his pilot wings for the ministry. He graduated with a Th.M. (Master of Theology) from Dallas Theological Seminary.   From 1981 to 1990 he was the senior pastor of Covenant Community Church in Oklahoma City. While there, the church grew from a handful to 600 and was known throughout the city for its biblical preaching, lay leadership development and multiplying Navigator-style ministry of personal disciplemaking.  From 1990 to 1995, he was the senior pastor of Pulpit Rock Church in Colorado Springs where he led the church through a series of difficult transitions: from traditional to contemporary worship, from staff-centered ministry to lay-centered ministry, and from in reach to outreach. The vision was “Reaching Your World”; and the church grew from 700 to 1,400.  In 1995, Roc became a senior pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City. Bridgeway was a church plant created to break the mold in several areas. It was a “bridge” church to hybrid the strengths of the evangelical church with those of the charismatic church. It was designed to reach the unchurched and untraditional; especially students aged 15 to 25. It was a “cell” church committed to equipping lay pastors to lead multiplying house churches throughout the metroplex area. From 1995 to 2001, he helped Bridgeway expand from start-up to a congregation of 800.  In 2001, Roc moved to Colorado Springs to become the Senior Fellow for Marriage Studies for the Focus on the Family Institute.  For the next seven years, he and his wife, Bev, taught biblical marriage to the 1800 students who passed through the Institute during their tenure.   In 2008, Roc became the lead pastor at Our Lord’s community Church where he is working to help build a Word-Spirit church committed to “being and making disciples… starting right where we are.”

Roc married his wife, Bev, in 1974; and they have four grown children and thirteen grandchildren.

More about Gene Rudd, MD.

Gene Rudd, MD, serves as Senior Vice President of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

Dr. Rudd is a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, and he has extensive experience as a director of a maternal-fetal medicine training program and in rural healthcare practice. He has garnered several awards including the Gorgas Medal, presented by the U.S. government for the most significant achievement in preventive medicine. As a spokesman for Christian healthcare professionals in America, Dr. Rudd has received national media coverage, including interviews with the Washington Post and People Magazine.  Dr. Rudd has also conducted international programs with World Medical Mission, where he established the Christian Medical Mission of Russia. He directed the rehabilitation of the Central Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. Dr. Rudd has also served in Belarus, Bosnia, Kazakhstan and India.

Dr. Rudd’s experiences provide rich illustrations for inspirational and educational presentations. Dr. Rudd has communicated what God is doing through Christian healthcare by speaking at seminars, conferences and churches.

He and his wife Gay have four children: Jonathan, Deborah, Joshua and David.

GUEST AMBASSADORS | Dr (COL) Arnie Ahnfeldt, USA (Ret.) and Dr (COL) Jeff Ginther, USA (Ret.)

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2017 Summer Celebration Rate Information

Adults/Teens (13+) // $658 plus tax

Youth (6-12) // $395 plus tax

Child (3-5) // $198 plus tax

Infant (0-2) // Free

Deposit Policy

A non-refundable deposit is charged at the time of registration to secure your reservation. This advanced deposit allows us to meet early program expenses including speaker travel, seasonal staff salaries and teaching materials. This one-time payment of $165 is applied toward your final bill and is not an additional fee.

Scholarship Policy

As a non-profit, it is always our goal to provide modest rates for all of our guests. We know that traveling as a family can be expensive, and that cost can still be a deterrent for many of our families. Thanks to generous sponsors, scholarships are available for families that qualify. Please call (719)395.2328 to inquire.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations may be cancelled at any time. Cancellations made before 31 days prior to arrival will be eligible for a full refund minus the $165 non-refundable deposit. If a cancellation occurs within 30 days of your stay, additional penalties may apply. If you are cancelling due to military orders, the non-refundable deposit and any subsequent payments will be returned in full.

Discount Policy

A 10% discount is available for company grade officers (O1-O3). A 20% discount is available for enlisted members, midshipmen, cadets and other military undergraduate students. An additional 5% discount is available for families of currently deployed or recently-returned (within 6 months) service members. There is a maximum of 20% discount when combining available discounts.  A special program is available for widows of service members through OCF.

Celebrate Your Way

We know just how valuable it is to spend time together, especially for the military family, and we want to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your Colorado vacation during your stay. This is why extended free time is built into every day of Summer Celebration, enabling our guests to partake in all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Many activities can be enjoyed right here on our 107-acre property, or within minutes of Spring Canyon. We are happy to make the reservations for you when you enroll in one of our Summer Packages featured below. Featured here are just a few of the many additional opportunities available to you during your stay at Spring Canyon:


Available at Spring Canyon:
  • Explore the Colorado Trail
  • Hike to Cottonwood or Ptarmigan Lakes
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Guided Outdoor Climbing & Rappelling
  • Mountain Biking
  • High Ropes Course
  • Challenge/Leadership Course
  • Kayaking and Canoeing in our High Alpine Ponds
  • Fly Fishing in Cottonwood Creek
Available in Buena Vista:

Activities are optional and may involve additional fees.

“Thank you for an exceptional experience! You provided us with wonderful time to spend together as a family. This was life-changing.”