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Father-Teen Adventure, a ministry of Officers’ Christian Fellowship at Spring Canyon, is specifically designed for fathers to build, repair, or re-establish solid, biblical relationships with their teenage children.

Father Teen Adventure group of fathers and daughters pose on a bridge at Spring Canyon.
ATVs summit a ridge during Father Teen Adventure.
Father Teen Adventure men pose in front of Cottonwood pass.
Whether you are a father or teenager, living life as a family in our fast-paced, “plugged-in” culture is not always an easy task. Constant busyness and a tremendous volume of messaging from outside influences can easily sidetrack us from deep relationships, both in our walk as Christians and in our relationships with our family. Sometimes we need to unplug from our daily routine and spend some time in a different and challenging environment both to deepen relationships between dads and teenage sons or daughters and to help facilitate the important transition from teenager to grown men and women. Father-Teen Adventure is a unique program that was developed to help fathers and teens meet this need.