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Spring Canyon’s outdoor complex–known as Camp Buxton–is home to many of our signature outdoor programs.  Rocky Mountain High, Father Teen Adventure, and Climb Together are hosted at the Hemingway Operations Complex, just a short walk from the main lodge.  These programs are tailored to all ages, from 8 to 22, and take place in some of Colorado’s most scenic and breathtaking mountains known as the Collegiate Peaks.

Rocky Mountain High (RMH) is an outdoor adventure program where we connect college-aged young men and women including military academy cadets, midshipmen, and ROTC students with Christian military officers, usually ranging from Majors to General Officers from all service branches,  who have walked out their faith in the U.S. military.   The purpose of the program is to demonstrate Christ-like service to young men and women who are just taking their first steps into military leadership.  Activities include backpacking, challenge courses, white-water rafting, rock climbing/rappelling, and climbing a local 14,000 foot mountain.

Father Teen Adventure (FTA)  is an outdoor program where busy Dads and their teenage sons or daughters can come connect in the mountains.  Led by an experienced mentor, Father-Son and Father-Daughter involve a week of fun, excitement, and deep, heart-to-heart discussions between Dads and their teenage sons or daughters.  Similar in scope to Rocky Mountain High, FTA involves rafting, high ropes and challenge courses, rock climbing/rappelling, and an overnight backpacking trip to a high alpine lake.  FTA has been endorsed as a great family program by Kirk Cameron ministries.  Read about it here.

Climb Together (CT) is our newest outdoor program tailored for parents and their 8-13 year old children.  The focus of the program is to emphasize ‘climbing life’s mountains together’ for both parents and their kids.  Hosted in spring and fall, CT involves lots of fun including challenge courses that emphasize teamwork, problem solving, fireside chats, indoor climbing, stargazing, and short hikes to amazing locations here in the Collegiate Peaks.